In the climate arena, our major focus is on reducing the climate impact of coal-based energy; reducing global warming from short-term pollutants such as methane and black carbon; and spurring rapid technical innovation across a range of climate friendly technological platforms.The existing urea manufacturing plants are either gas based or naphtha based both having higher production cost

Company to construct Coal to Urea Plants, Coal to Ammonia, Coal to Fuels and Coal to SNG and all plants are Environmental Friendly and has no harmful emissions. Company uses gasification as technology to produce Syngas that can be used to produce to make valuable products.

Richard Harold Stone, Chairman of Stonetek, inked the MOU with The Maharashtra government for the urea manufacturing plant in Chandrapur district. Stonetek, is a subsidiary of US-based Environmental Energy and Finance Corporation Ltd.With total investment of Rs 6,500 crore, the plant is set to come up at Bhadravati tehsil of the district, which has major stocks of coal.   Read More..